Brake Services and Repair

The braking system on your vehicle remains one of the most important systems. Obviously, brakes are designed to slow and stop your vehicle.

There are many components in the brake system. Your vehicle may have brake shoes or brake pads as the friction material. These materials are designed to wear for smooth operation, yet provide the braking force needed to operate smoothly. Your vehicle may be equipped with either brake rotors (also known as discs) or brake drums. These work in combination with the shoes or pads and the calipers to help your vehicle stop effectively. Brake lines carry the brake fluid from the master cylinder to the calipers or wheel cylinders.

The general scenario for stopping a vehicle with pads and rotors is that when the brake pedal is applied, fluid flows through the brake lines to cause the calipers, which house the pads, to squeeze against the spinning rotors, causing friction, which slows or stops the vehicle. For vehicles with shoes and drums, when the pedal is pushed, a wheel cylinder pushes the brake shoes against the drum, again causing friction and slowing the car. With each stop the friction material on the pads or shoes, and the rotors or drums, wear down. Dirt, rust, and heat also play a part in the deterioration of these parts.

It is always best to address any noises or braking issues as soon as possible. Describing the noise you hear or a change in the way the pedal feels is one clue in proper service of your brake system.

We are happy to give you a written estimate once we have done an inspection.

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